The Northwest Expedition

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The Routes

When planning this expedition, like others before it, we started with the time allowed and the places we'd like to see.    The map below shows our routes and potential alternates, should we find ourselves with time to spare.  This route will always be revised, likely several times.  There will be a mad push across the Midwest toward South Dakota. From that point we slow down and start to really get in to our adventure. Wild landscapes and geology, epic canyons, remote campsites, and anything else we come across to add to our adventure.  


The Route WEST

Starting in the First State, we'll travel northwest to meet up with the rest of our group in PA. Then we'll head west toward South Dakota.

Our first stop will be a free camp along the river in Oacoma, SD. This will mark our first day of “slowing down” and really getting into our planned stops. We’ll check out some agate beds, the Badlands, and Custer State Park before pushing west again.


We'll spend some time exploring the back roads of Wyoming, including Crazy Woman Canyon, Sunlight Basin, and the Kerwin ghost town areas.



The goal of this entire trip is to be a self-sufficient as possible.  We'll be living out of our overland rigs, for the most part, stopping for supplies, using remote amenities when necessary.  Jackson, WY will be the point of reassessment to determine that our return route is feasible in the amount of time left in the trip.  

The Route EAST

The route south will be more flexible.  Weighing factors such as budget, weather, vehicle/equipment state, timing, and overall conditions of the team, we'll make our way south by taking another ferry from Argentia, NL back to Sydney. 


Once back on dry land in Nova Scotia, we'll head back towards New Brunswick this time, only to stop and explore Prince Edward Island for a bit after hoping the short ferry ride for a shortcut.  The natural beauty of PEI should lend itself to some great photography opportunities and exploration.  .  

Sandstone Arch

Driving southwest in NB, we'll head toward Saint John for a chance to resupply again and perhaps refresh.   But we won't stay in the city for long, as the Bay of Fundy awaits.   The Bay is home to the largest tides in the world and we're excited to witness and film the ebb and flow of nature shaping the coast.    

From Saint John, we'll head south towards the US again, with our return to Bar Harbor.  A previous trip to Bar Harbor left us wanting more and the limited time we had to explore Acadia National Park left so much of the area left for a follow up.   Camping along the water, exploring trails, watching the sunrise on the east coast are just a few items on the to-do list while we're here.  

After relaxing in Maine, and having our fill of lobster, we'll journey back down the coast towards the First State.  We'll loop just outside of Boston and make a camp last time before making the final leg home.   

All in all, it's about 4,100 miles, 4 ferry crossings, 22 days, at least 20 of those camping, overlanding, and filming the expedition so that we can inspire you to live your dreams.  Does this sound like something you'd want to do?  Do you enjoying overlanding, camping and exploring the outdoors?  Do you enjoy learning new things about cultures and places?  Drop us a note on our contact page for more information.  We're building, the team out now!  Partial and full duration slots currently availabile.