We're getting there!

We hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season.   The FSO team is done drinking the egg nog and is back to updating the site.  This coming week should see significant changes and updates to many of the sites features.   In January, the shop will open, so that those who collect items such as stickers or morale patches can show their support for FSO.  

FSO is pleased to annouce that we'll be adding an offroad trailer to our fleet.  The trailer, made by Hiker Trailers, will be fully offroad worthy with full suspension, tires and built to withstand the elements of the Northeast Expedition.  We'll likely mount the roof top tent, which currently sits on the JKU back to the trailer to allow excursions to and from camp without having to break camp each time.  The trailer will have electrical, and climate control as well as a 21 gallon water tank.  FSO plans on making further modifications to the trailer once the build has been completed.  

Stay tuned!