Often times, it takes an outside force to push you to go further.  To motivate you to be something more than an 8 to 5 drone.  That's the philosophy behind First State Overland - to motivate and inspire people to live out their dreams.  The overlanding community is vast, but this is FSO's tribute to just a small group of those who have come before them and provided inspiration so that those who come after us can feel alive.



Venture4wd (Venture forward) a.k.a. Chris, has been a consistent reminder to us to pick a direction and not a destination.  Chris has been living the grand experiment that overlanders dream of.  He's been living out of his modified Jeep, traveling around the country and exploring.  The simplicity of living and the explorer's spirit are what many strive to become.  Be sure to check out his YouTube vlogs and be inspired yourself!  


Dan Grec was perhaps the first source of inspiration for us.  Dan's trip in his Jeep Wrangler from Alaska to the tip of South America was amazing.  We followed his every mile.  And now he's making his way around Africa!  Ramble on, Dan!