We often get asked the same questions over and over.  We figured we'd list them here.  


Q:  I want an overland vehicle just like that!  Will you build me an overland rig?  

A:  While we'd love to, because it truly is a passion of ours, we're not there yet.  We have the know-how but don't have the facilities/infrastructure to support professional build-outs at this time.  Honestly, we're too busy exploring too!  But we're always open to talking about the rig, builds, or overlanding if you want advice based on our experiences.  


Q:  When are you going to get the store stocked up, I want some swag?

A:  We're currently reviewing prototypes of gear.  Merchandise comes in all different qualities and prices.  We're trying to find a high quality product and unfortunately some of our initial prototypes were not up to the quality we're expecting, so we're seeking other options.  If you offer printing, embroidering, or monogramming services and would like to partner with us, please contact us via the Contact page.  Bonus if you're in Delaware, as we love to support local business.  


Q:  Why don't you list prices for your builds?  

A:  While there's not one single reason for this, it's mostly due to our desire to form strategic partnerships.  Many times, vendors or retailers want to be the ones to convey their prices to you.  Some of this gear is costly and when you start talking about costs, you also start dealing with the negative aspects of the Internet commenters.  We'd rather avoid the entire situation, at least online.  If you see us on the road, at a show / in person, we'd gladly talk to you about it.