Acadia National Park -  March 2011

Even before we decided to visit Acadia, we heard stories.  Had friends that went to college in the area.  Heard campfire gossip about how this untapped natural beauty existed, tucked inside of a cove along the eastern seaboard of the US.  After one too many accounts of its majestic vistas, we couldn't stand it any longer and had to see for ourselves.  This is Acadia National Park.  


Jordan Pond

The arrival

The the FSO home base in Delaware, Bar Harbor, ME is about a nine and a half hour drive.  We had other trips planned this year, but the legends coming out from Acadia meant we had to make something happen to see for ourselves.  This meant a limited window of time, and that we must push ourselves to be the most efficient overlanders we could be.  Push to get up there, maximize the time in Acadia, and push to get back.  With two day's notice, we planned a four day trip into the heart of this national park.  And suffice it to say, we were left wanting more.  


The Bar harbor Area

As with many things in life, timing is everything.  We showed up at Bar Harbor about 1-2 weekends before the start of the "season".  It was perfect timing.  There were no crowds.  The trails were nearly empty.  Restaurants were walk-in.  And lobster pounds were just starting to open up.  After walking around the Bar Harbor area for some time, it was time to hit the trails and explore Acadia National Park.